Contract Position: Project Manager

Reports to: Co-Founders

Classification: 5-10 hours /week

Salary: $30/hour  

About The Organization:

Danger Boat Productions LLC dreams and engineers creative, entertaining, and engaging shows like The Theater of Public Policy (T2P2). The organization specializes in events and productions that get people laughing and thinking about big ideas and issues. Founded in 2011, the company has produced more than 400 live events across the country.

Position Overview:

This individual will be responsible for the behind-the-scenes details of performances, workshops, and travel for T2P2 and cast. The Project Manager will determine cast availability and eligibility for shows, manage logistical requirements like transportation and lodging, and communicate effectively with both cast and leadership.

The ideal candidate for this role will be a systems thinker with incredible interpersonal communication skills. The Project Manager will need to determine a system that works for them to get the information they need from leadership and clients so they can coordinate all necessary details with the cast.

The company’s large cast means this person will have to be able to create systems for determining performer availability and interest that works for different people with different communication styles; all without burying the entire team with countless emails. The Project Manager will need to be able to effectively communicate with performers about communication and rehearsal expectations, casting decisions, and information about various shows.

In casting shows, the Project Manager will be able to take into consideration the elements that make for a strong team as well as the needs of a specific gig, including performers’ gender, race, age, and other markers of diversity, as well as strengths and how well different cast members play together.

Ideally, the Productions Coordinator will be self-led and make things work behind the scenes without needing regular assistance from leadership.

Essential Functions

  1. Cast Shows and Communicate with Cast/Leadership (60%)

From conception to curtain up, making sure the production has the appropriate number of cast members and that each is aware of responsibilities and expectations off-stage.

  • Coordinate with Leadership and potentially with clients to assess performer and crew requirements for each event.

  • Determine and confirm cast availability for performances.

  • Communicate with cast

  • Cast responsibilities for each production; timing, travel, show details

  • Expectations in terms of attendance at rehearsals and how that impacts casting

  • Any last minute changes to event logistics or details

2. Manage on-site logistics (30%)

For remote performances and workshops, make arrangements for and manage logistics including travel and lodging for cast and crew.

  • Communicate with clients about both T2P2’s tech or logistical requirements and ensure the location has those in place

  • Determine needs for the team in regards to meals, lodging, and travel.

  • Manage payment for lodging and travel expenses as well as reimbursements for cast and crew. 

3. Other (10%)

  • Assist as needed with logistical operations such as renting equipment, or coordinating non-performance events with the cast (e.g. cast bowling or happy hour)

  • Ensure accurate record keeping and document expenses, keeping receipts, contracts, and invoices and other necessary paperwork

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Stellar interpersonal communication skills: in person, over the phone, and in emails

  • Systems-thinking, with the ability to set up and then run a means of effectively gathering information from clients and cast

  • Experience coordinating reservations and bookings

  • Understanding or ability to learn scheduling programs such as “Sign Up Genius,” Google Suite of programs (Gmail, Calendars, Docs, etc.), and Doodle meeting scheduler

  • Experience with artists or actors

  • Skilled with long-term logistical planning

  • Scheduling and delegating responsibility

  • Ability to work from home and telecommute

Why should I apply?

Be part of an organization wants to engage with audience in fun and new ways. The work we’re doing is unique and we’re open to new ideas or methods to reach our audiences. We believe in using laughter as a tool to better serve our communities.


Email a cover letter and resume to by Friday February 15. Afterwards, we will schedule a 1 hour in person interview at the convenience of the applicant. Depending on the volume of interviews, we may schedule a second round.

Danger Boat Productions has a commitment to building a more culturally diverse and equitable environment. We believe having a diverse cast and crew strengthens our work and ultimately benefits the audiences we serve. We strongly encourage applications from people of color and women. Applicants from populations underrepresented in the improv and nonprofit fields are strongly encouraged to apply.