We found very quickly that we perform just as well in front of a camera as on stage. Several organizations have partnered with us to create instructional videos, craft unique fundraising pitches and inform their audiences in fun ways. We've worked at every stage in the process, from writing, video production, and editing. Below is a sample of some of the work that we've done.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts was upgrading the lighting in its galleries and needed a video to explain why this was important. Their previous video had a very dry presentation from facilities staff about the number of man hours the new lights would save. We thought it would be better to hear from those that spend the most time in the galleries. 

The Friends of the Museum hold an annual fundraiser called Art Per Chance, which helps fund the busing that brings school children into the museum every year. They asked us to create a video that explained how to play the art games they set up and how much fun they are to play.

Public policy should be fun, which is why you shouldn't wait for it to come to your door. We made this video to promote our appearance in the 2012 Minnesota Fringe Festival. 

As part of the Minnesota Council of Churches Respectful Conversations Project, we demonstrated the "do's" and "do not do's" of having a civil discussions. They are hosting events around the state where congregations will come together to talk about the upcoming Marriage amendment. These are set up for people to share their ideas and understand one another. More info can be found at: mnchurches.org/programs/RespectfulConversations.html

We performed for the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and they thought that our performance was so wonderful, they decided to use it to explain some aspects of their work and mission.

To show the Funding Shift policy's foolishness, Minnesota 2020 tried something different. They partnered with us to explain the policy and why they think it's bad for Minnesota schools.