Art museums have a reputation for being stuffy and snooty, but every Third Thursday of the month, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts throw a party that turns that reputation on its head.  We partnered with them to host LOL MIA, a night of art based comedy. Our cast installed themselves throughout the museum for guerrilla style shows, crafty projects, interactive elevators rides, and more. The MIA told us that our event had some of the most active participation and gallery attendance that they'd ever seen for a Third Thursday and with over 1,500+ attendees it'st not hard to see why.


We created a custom set of New Yorker inspired comics specific to the art world. Patrons were invited to create their own captions, color their comics, and share them with the world using #ThirdThursMIA.


The MIA has a beautiful antique elevator known as "The Otis." We stationed members of our cast inside to play improv games with whoever took it for a ride. People laughed at the hilarious stories that they were able to tell during the short 20 second rides from floor to floor.


Using the entire museum as a performance space, we staged shows about our audiences' passion for art. Gathering stories and ideas from the crowd, we explored the process of creation, brought to life the art, and poked fun at the art world.


What happens when someone who knows nothing about art is invited to give a tour? Our cast portrayed characters that lead tours throughout the museum that saw biggest tours ever for a Third Thursday. While those on the tour may not have learned as much as they would have from a regular tour, ours had them laughing and appreciating the galleries in a new way.