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On Friday, August 19, 2016, We’re turning all St. Paul into a Stage — and You’re the Director!

A crack team of 50 improv actors will be at your disposal to bring live, unscripted theater to anyone in St. Paul. On Friday, August 19, they will fan out across the city delivering "improvgrams" based on your suggestions and requests.

Why are we putting on All St. Paul's a Stage (ASPS)? With this day-long event, we hope to celebrate the people and places of Minnesota's capital city.

How It Works

Imagine surprising a friend with a live improv performance created just for them -- that’s an improvgram! Like an upgraded telegram from days of yore, instead of giving your friend a simple message, a team of improvisers will perform a scene based on a suggestion you give to a person or even a place of your choice. Other than your suggestion, nothing is prepared ahead of time so every performance is completely special.

Order Your Improvgram(s)!

You can order your improvgram(s) now securely using our online store. Simply fill out a short form about each improvgram you'd like to send. Each improvgram is only $15, and the proceeds from each purchase goes to support local artists. We are offering free "Golden Tickets" to nonprofits and community service organizations. If you qualify, please apply!




Have questions about All St. Paul's a Stage and improvgrams? Check out our FAQ. If you still have questions, or your a member of the media looking to interview someone about this fun full-day celebration of the people and places of St. Paul, then please contact us.

Special Thanks

All St. Paul’s a Stage was made possible thanks to our sponsors, and performers! Please check them out below, and give them a high five. Better yet, become a sponsor yourself. Contact us.