A Wonderful Time

Creating a memorable event can be as simple as finding the right host. Our team has extensive experience hosting events of all types whether they're fundraisers, anniversary celebrations, or even a small gathering of supporters. We know how to put a memorable take on messaging of all kinds so that your ideas will resonate and be memorable to audiences.  Why not look at some of our past events for inspiration?


Case Study: Civic Celebration

The Citizens League was celebrating 60 years of public policy making and wanted an innovative event to match the pedigree of their work. They also needed something to match the excellence of their keynote speaker, former JC Penny CEO, Ron Johnson. They knew who to turn to. We worked the Citizen's League and their board to create original programming that celebrated their past successes, but also what they would do to confront the challenges ahead. A "rogue" Power Point presentation caught peoples attention and a hilarious fundraising pitch kept people listening.


Case Study: 100 Year Anniversary

A centennial celebration doesn't happen very often, so how do you ensure that its impact is remembered over the next hundred years?  With the League of Minnesota Cities, we were asked to highlight the small town charm of their members and their outsized accomplishments as well. We devised a short presentation by the "King of Minnesota", played a special version of the dating game where each "bachelor" was a Minnesota City, and showcased the audiences favorite memories using comedy. We also managed to work in a special visit by Garrison Keillor as well.